Covid-19 Vaccination at Budya Wacana Senior High School

Tanggal: Kamis / 09 September 2021

Still battling with the Covid-19 disease, Indonesia's government in collaboration with various stakeholders works hard to vaccinate its citizen in an attempt to achieve herd immunity. By the end of year, the government targets to vaccinate 208 million people or 77 percent of the population according to Ma'ruf Amin, the vice president of Indonesia as quoted by Antara News on September 7, 2021.

Supporting the government's effort in trying to control the wild spread of the virus that has taken more than 130 thousand lives, Budya Wacana Senior High School became one of the vaccination centers on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. This vaccination program was held in collaboration with the Indonesian Navy and the MNC Peduli.

As the Delta variant cases swept across Indonesia, the number of cases skyrocketed. Hospitals were full, oxygen for medical purposes was hard to find, people died at home doing self-isolation. To respond to the high case increase, the government decided to implement micro scale public activity restriction as well as expedited the vaccination program. By August 2021, in just six weeks, 50 million doses of vaccination were administered.

Budya Wacana Senior High School is proud and honored to actively support of the vaccination program. Get vaccinated, follow the health protocols, let's fight the virus together.