Minimum Competency Assessment Try Out

Tanggal: Rabu / 08 September 2021

In 2020, for the first time since 1965, there was no final test exam for all final year students in each formal school stages (elementary, middle, high school) in Indonesia. After changing names several times, the ministry of education decided to eliminate final exam that used to play a great part in deciding whether or not a student can pass a certain stage. The plan was to stop conducting it in 2021 and change that into minimum competency assessment (AKM). Nevertheless, as the pandemic hit the country at the beginning of 2020, national examination (UN) was eliminated before the elimination schedule.

How is a minimum competency assessment different from the national examination? First of all, this AKM is conducted as an effort to bring back education to its core, that is to prepare students to enter the real life. Indonesia's education system had always been driven by the goal to reach high national examination score instead of really help students to master skills and knowledge that are important in life.

Although students had been drilled to pass exams well, internationally, Indonesia students are still left behind. Indonesia's students literacy and numeracy competencies are in the bottom compared to other countries in the world as tested using PISA (an international students competency test). Therefore, the minister of education, Nadiem Makarim would like to reform the education system in Indonesia. The minimum competency assessment does not test students' memory capacity by asking questions which require memorization. Instead, it provides questions which require students to apply knowledge and skills in literacy and numeracy in solving a problem.

Budya Wacana Senior High School followed through what the national education department has decided to do. The XI grade students underwent two try out sessions at school. The second and last tryout was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, 8 and 9 September 2021 in our two computer laboratories. This was done in accordance with the health protocols set by the medical professionals to avoid Covid-19 virus spread. There were fifteen students in each lab. Students were required to wear masks at all time. Their temperatures were also checked before they entered the school premises.

The result of the assessment will be useful in determining what kind of steps that the school needs to take. If it is found that students are below the minimum competency standard, the school needs to reevaluate its system and reconstruct the teaching and learning process to help the students to reach their maximum competency level. When the result is good, then, the school still needs to maintain all the good practices and make improvement.


Author : Antonina Suryantari