Tanggal: Rabu / 10 April 2019

“In 2030, people are surrounded by water and pollution.” That was my friend, UA said. Actually, I’m not really interested to hear that. Why? It was started with this story…

“My name is Byt, and I’m 20 years old. This is my sister, Myt, and she’s still in junior high school. Uh, and her age is 17. We both are the member of Int Family. I will explain it to you:

Int Family is the owner of interplanetary communication network system. And it makes me as the heir have to go around the galaxy.”

Every day, Byt have to do many works after school. His sister as well are the same. Someday, all the civilian hear a weird sound from Int’s Factory. Then, a great black smoke revolve round them. Its shape like a giant planet and they all know, it is one of Myt invention. Her invention today is “a new road” to the Venus and will be officially open in two months. Today, she will open an enlistment to test it.

Byt is 20, but he have meet many people with different character. One of them is UA. UA is a common man and work for him, but he also his best friend. In order to fix all the mess Byt’s sister make, he have to overwork for many times.

“This is our new invention. Hope you like it. Thank you.” “I will say that word in 2 months again…” “Whatever…, please be careful not to overuse our nature this time, you understand?” “I know it, though…” Byt advise his sister. “Good night…” “Umm, you too…”


“What?! Why you shout at this early morning??!”

“I make it! I make it!!”

“Ah?! What? About?!??”

“Look… look at this…”

“Ohh… It’s finish…, when we make it public?”

“I don’t know…”

“OK, but you must know that Myt new interplanetary communication network system will be use in 2 months, and you have to show off your work as well…”

“I know, I know…, Let’s eat for now,I;m hungry…”

“Ehmmm, you have start it before say that.”

“TREEGO, the biggest invention in this century. With this thing, we can talk with many kinds of plants and finally to all the plants in our world. We can know how much oxygen produce by the tree each day and fertilizer it need. First experiment we do it with MGa tree and it give a very success result, even we also can expect this tree productive age to produce the best oxygen to us…. How is it??”

“It doesn’t make so much profit at first, but have a great influence to the next generation…, it really looks like you...”

“YAA…. I know it, I’m really cool right? Don’t be really shock my friend…”

“….and have a big confidence about yourself.”


­-To Continue-


(Created By: Reina)